Eisen Productions

Sports Photographer & Videographer - Bismarck N.D.

"Sports has always been something I have been into. I picked up a camera one day and now want to capture special moments for sports families." My name is Cody Eisenbeis and I am the owner of Eisen Productions.

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A little about me


I’m Cody

I was born and raised in North Dakota. I grew up around sports my whole life. I played from my third grade year all the way up until my college career.


How I became a photographer.

My parents had a old Canon camera so I decided to pick it up and learn how to use it. I quickly fell in love with the ability to capture special moments for friends.


Goal Statement

I want to provide families with pictures and videos capturing special moments. Photos can be used to bring back memories for years to come.


Why I do what I do

Being able to supply parents and athletes with pictures they can hold onto forever is something I strive for. Being able to capture different emotions the athlete may not feel is what I love being able to capture.